This Is Yolanda Lee

I would like to introduce you to a character of mine. You will be seeing her around here a bit, so I thought she required an introduction. Yolanda Lee, twenty-four-year-old, 5.4, female librarian, who one might say looks a bit like a young Keri Russell. She is a frazzled sort of person who’s dirty blonde curls are always wild and never quite in the right place. (but somehow pretty in its own way.) When asked what her favorite color is, she replies, “all of them,” and it shows too. Her clothes are, depending on how you look at it, a delightful display of something a person found at a circus rummage sale. Colorful, mismatched, old, new, and simply unexplainably her own. She is the kind of person who would wear bright pink pumps with an orange skirt, which, to me, is utterly disgraceful, but to Yolanda, it’s practically perfection. Her skin is always the color of sand, which, to people with skin the color of paper, is frankly annoying. I’d say her eyes are one of her best features. They are the kind of eyes that look blue at one time and green at another. Her white smile could light the sun up on a rainy day, and you can’t help but smile along with her. She wears red cat eye glasses you would only think of your great grandmother wearing, but you cannot imagine Yolanda without them. Another thing you must always think of when you think of Yolanda is her very precious pet. Now, I know your mind immediately went to a cat, but that is not the case. His name is Bubbles, and he is a Goldfish. Despite Yolanda’s forgetful nature, she has managed to keep Bubbles alive for about two years. They live very happily in a studio apartment just as bright and cheerful as Yolanda herself. The only other thing I can think to tell you now is that her favorite food is Skittles. Now you know the gist of Yolanda Lee. I can’t wait for you to read more about her. I hope you are just as excited as I am!

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