Entry #1

Dear Diary,
Well, flowers are blooming everywhere, trees are budding along the streets, and I can finally wear better outfits. I can’t quite wear summer clothes, but at least now I can do some light layers, maybe a pretty color cardigan, you know? I can wear pretty spring colors and stuff with flowers on it and… anyway…moving on.
As glad as I am that it is finally warmer and the flowers are blooming…there are some downsides. Like allergies. My head is exploding and I cannot breathe. I wish you could see my face right now because, along with red watering eyes, its scrunched up in disgust. Allergies have caused me some pretty sleepless nights and a few annoying days. Also, they have created some pretty embarrassing situations. Take this afternoon for example. I got off work early and was going through a drive-through for some sweet tea. I paid for it and put my card back in my wallet. When I went to reach for my cup, the girl standing there was looking at me with enormous, worried eyes. About a million thoughts ran through my head before she pointed to my shirt. Slowly, I looked down. There was blood on it. I swiped at my nose. At the same time, my heart dropped to the pit of my stomach because I knew exactly what was happening already. I pulled my hand away from my face and, sure enough, there was blood on it. So, I did what any normal person would do. I screamed at the poor girl in the window to get me some napkins. She was so startled that she dropped my precious tea she had been holding out the window. After what felt like an eternity of me bleeding all over myself, the girl came back with an armload of napkins. Don’t ask me why they don’t have napkins by the window. Eyeroll. After they were shoved in my car in a pile on my lap, I sped away, napkins shoved up my nose, napkins flying out my window, and my free hand trying to close the stupid thing. Needless to say, I am frightfully embarrassed. Also, I can NEVER go back through that drive-through. Anyway, the bleeding has stopped now, and I will try not to think about this ever again after I finish writing this entry. Which I have. So…Goodbye.

Still embarrassed, YL

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