Why Do I Write?

I love writing. One day, I want to be a published author. Why is that? Over the years, I have written many papers, blurbs, and journal entries on the reasons, so, what’s one more. I will never be able to fit everything I have to say about writing into one place, but hopefully, this will give you a glimpse at why I do what I do.
Let’s start off with something light. Writing is just plain fun. I love that I can create people and worlds with a few simple paragraphs. I can open my mind onto a page and pour my imagination into creating something from a dream. Ideas float around and pop out of nowhere. Places no one has ever heard of come from my mind. A person no one has ever met flows from my heart, through my fingertips, and onto a page. Writing is limitless. Boundless. Undefined by the laws and rules of this world. I can do and create anything I can think of. I can let my imagination run wild. Creatures you’ve never imagined are alive in the worlds I create. It’s tempting to keep them a secret, but one day you might see them for yourself. I write because I love to. It’s as simple as that. I fell in love with stories long ago, so, what better thing to do than make them up for myself?
Now, on to a more serious reason. Writing is a release. It is my therapy, you might say. I’ve never been outgoing. I’ve never been very good at talking to others. When I need to process or understand, I talk to paper. Odd? Maybe…but it works for me. I have never quite understood myself until I see my thoughts spread on a page. They don’t really make sense in my head, but I can see them and understand more clearly when they get put on paper. Mostly it comes out jumbled, grammatically incorrect, and probably spelled wrong, but eventually, it makes sense. On occasion, I sit down to write, and I have no idea what I want to say, or what will happen, but by the end, I have figured out something I didn’t know before. I can sit down to write a fictional piece, and by the end, I’m almost in tears because somewhere along the way it connected with a real life hurt. So, I write to make sense of things. To understand.
Maybe now you see that writing, for me, although it does involve fun, goes far beyond it. I write because it is what I love to do, but I also write because it is how I breathe. I write words to inflate my lungs and pump the blood through my veins. I write because that’s how I survive. I do it because it is a lifeline. I write because I have to.

4 thoughts on “Why Do I Write?

  1. Preach sister!
    How I love writing… It’s like the better part of me. The friend I can be for myself when it’s great and when things are falling. It’s my therapy, like a drug…

    I wish I was bold enough to keep writing and to let the world see the people I have met in my own head

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