The Sea Forest

Marian watched the endless trees in front of her with emotionless eyes. The birds flew from one ocean tree to another and chirped incessantly. Almost fourteen years ago, something catastrophic happened. One day, all of a sudden, the ocean had turned to a forest. But, in odd ways, it was still an ocean. The trees, tiny near the shoreline and gigantic farther out, were flexible and moved almost as the waves had. She wondered, as her eyes roamed the horizon, how far her father had made it. People said that the farther you went into the forest, the larger and more terrifying the animals became. Maybe he had been dead for years? Who could know?
Her mother told her stories all the time about her brave father, gone away into the sea forest to explore and bring back information to the world. She had been seven when he left. She could remember him singing her to sleep or reading her a story. She could remember his deep voice sounding throughout the house. A vision of him dancing in the kitchen with her mother flitted through her mind. Most of all she remembered him walking away twelve years ago. How could she help being angry? Sometimes she wondered whether she should be or not. After all, he was trying to help the world by making everyone more knowledgeable about the sea forest. Sometimes dark thoughts crept into her mind and told her that her father never even meant to go to the forest and that he just wanted to get away. But then she remembered his kind eyes and the promise he made to her to come back and felt ashamed.
The brown hair blew away from her eyes as she exhaled. She didn’t know why she ever came to the forest. It always made her sad. The ridiculous hope that one of the times she came she would see her father walking out of the tree line with that big smile of his that crinkled the corners of his eyes and she could run to him and throw herself into his arms still clung in her mind. But it never happened. She kept coming though. Day after day. Month after month. Year after year. Always sad and almost always angry. Always disappointed. Marian shook her head roughly and flicked the tears off her cheeks. The ground felt solid beneath her as she sat and tried to keep the water in her eyes from spilling down. But slowly…they came…tears…memories…promises. Sobs broke loose from her throat, and she felt them through her whole body. Hands trembling, she tried helplessly to wipe tears from her face.
Who knows how long she sat there. A girl, crying over what could have been. Over the life she should have had. Over what had been a lifetime ago. Crying because of the pain she felt deep in her heart. Crying because hoping she might get back what she had was worse than knowing it was gone forever. When the sun was low and her eyes finally dry, she stood and with one more glance at the trees. Walked away. This time for good. Never to come back. Never to hope again. To move on. As she walked she heard the rustling of the trees. Her eyes shot up from the ground. She spun back towards the trees…Nothing. Just an animal moving in the forest. She sighed, looked forward once again, and was gone.

I’ve got my favorite two prompt stories coming tomorrow and Sunday. I hope you will like them as much as I do.

The prompt for this story: Prompt

My friend Cassie launched her blog today!! If you want to check her out/ read her interpretations of the prompts click on her name!

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