Waiting for the Rain

The people gathered in the streets. They looked to the sky with their dead eyes, gray skin sagging, and their spirits sore with longing. Still no rain. No one ever thought that in a place with such an abundance of water it could suddenly stop as it had almost two months ago. The people, who relied on the rain as a source of enjoyment, had been as dry as the sky was. Their joy gone. Their parties ended. Their streamers torn. Their colorful lights were as broken and dim as their hearts. The people who celebrated the rain were broken.
What was to be done? It’s not as if someone could climb to the sky and command the clouds to pour down water. No. Nothing was to be done. Nothing except to wait. To watch. To wake up every morning and look to the clouds in the hope of raindrops. To lie awake at night waiting for the sound of water on the roof and against the windows.
Have you ever waited for something before? And I don’t mean a package or a date night. I mean something that tears your soul apart piece by piece when it’s not with you. Have you ever waited on something that completes your heart in a way you can’t explain? Maybe you don’t even know what you’re waiting on. The people waited for the rain. Perhaps you wait for love? Perhaps a place? The people waited for the rain. But what did the rain wait for? Perhaps it waits for you?
Did the rain ever come back, you may ask? Yes, I like to think it did. Maybe not all at once. And not without the people working to keep themselves alive while it was gone, but it came back. Slowly. A drop here. A drop there. A drop like a tear on a child’s face. A drop rolling down a window. One hit a leaf and rolled to the dirt. Another fell and soaked a long-forgotten streamer. Another and another made light plinking sounds like fairies as they hit light bulbs long burned out. Another and another and another fall. It’s raining again. The joy is back. The light in their eyes. The color in their cheeks. Their joy is back. They will be ok again.

This is one of my favorites, but my absolute favorite will be posted tomorrow. It’s called Lizzy’s Story, and I can’t wait for you to read it! Be sure to check out my friend Cassie’s blog to read her interpretations of the prompts! Click Here if you want to check out the prompt for this story!

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