Lizzy’s Story

Lizzy was a nine-year-old girl with a beautiful mind. She saw things in the world that no one else saw. She saw the magic and the creatures no one else dared to believe in. This may make it sound like she was crazy, but that is not the case. She simply chose to see the things other people have forgotten.
She saw creatures in the clouds and in the trees and heard whispers in the wind about other worlds. She chose to see the things no one else would see, and because of that, she was the most unique of people. When she was young, her uniqueness came out in childish drawings, little stories she would tell her mom, and shoeboxes. She kept any shoebox her mom would give her. Lizzy colored and built the inside of them to look like the land she dreamed of at night.
The first box started with a lake- a purple lake surrounded by greenery brighter than any of ours and a girl standing by the edge. She made that box when she was seven years old. Over the course of a few years, she managed to add enough boxes to take up most of the space under her bed. One was a forest with a group of men who had set up camp for the night. Another was a mountaintop where strange creatures gathered in some sort of meeting. Two she made into a town where the houses were stranger than any architecture in our world. People and animals alike roamed the streets. But the people had skin the color of irises, and the animals were indescribable. Three boxes depicted an ocean with beautiful ships sailing proudly. Their crews standing on deck looked braver than you thought men with light purple skin could. The items in the boxes were not intricate; in fact, most of them looked rather silly- boats made of paper clips and paper people drawn with cheap markers. Another box was simply grass plucked from Lizzy’s front yard and a few wildflowers to represent a field, but in her mind they were alive.
They were so alive that she could see them move. The boats would sail across the waves, and perhaps one of them would sink. The men in the forest would wake up in the morning and move on to complete whatever journey they were on. The field moved to the dance of the wind, and the sunlight hit the lake and dispelled the morning fog. Some nights she dreamed of a new box, and for days she would work to create what she had seen.
As she grew, so did her talent. The boxes began to look more like something you would use for a science project. Over time she got rid of or modified her older boxes. Eventually, she ran out of space under her bed. She began to spread her little universe to her walls. She painted scenes on paper and taped them all over. Once, when she was eighteen, she bought the largest roll of paper she could find and covered an entire wall with it. Days and nights were spent recreating the sunrise from a vivid dream. She remembered it as if it had been real. The end result was something that should have been in a museum. By the time she left for college, her room was another world.
Time passed and passed. She graduated. Her written dreams she took with her to turn into art once she had a place of her own that she didn’t share with roommates. She moved all of her already existing art to her apartment, still holding on to the original boxes under her bed. Time moved on, and her apartment became covered with pictures, scenes, and writing blurbs of her dreams. One wall was covered in scenes she had written and the pictures to go with them, all of them somehow connected and obviously part of the same world. Sometimes the same people would show up in a scene on her dining room wall that was in her bedroom. She became reclusive in her old age and hardly ever wanted to be around anything that wasn’t her art. So, maybe the way her uniqueness came out never changed, but maybe that was a good thing.
Only a few people knew about Lizzy’s beautiful mind. Others assumed she was crazy and stayed far away. But that is the thing about Lizzy. She wasn’t crazy; she had just lost herself so far into a world far better than ours that to ordinary people she had become “eccentric.” But, in truth, Lizzy became too extraordinary to be around the ordinary. When her time in a place she never belonged ended, she found herself staring at a purple lake, standing beside a girl she had known since she was seven years old.

Well, that’s the last of the prompt stories for now. I love writing these stories with Cassie, and I hope you guys enjoy reading them. If you want to see the prompt that inspired this I will put the link below. And if you want to read Cassie’s take on it I will put that link below too!

Cassie’s post: Click here!

The prompt for this story: Click here!

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