The Lost Books

Do you ever think of the lost books? Of the pages long since vanished in more ways than one? Of the stories you will never have the privilege to read because they have been lost? 

 What is a lost book, you may ask? It is the story of an author whose name bears no weight today as the names Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, or F. Scott Fitzgerald do. A book published long ago and loved only by good people few and far between. Those people who thought no one had ever heard of the book they loved so dearly. It was their own secret treasure. A book they knew was a masterpiece, but no one else ever recognized the magnificence of its imaginative pages. Or, perhaps a book was somewhat popular, and simply cast-off along the way to make room for newer stories. People may have sat together discussing plot, characters, and what they loved most, but somewhere in the years that past that discussion fell to the wayside, forgotten as if it had only occurred in a dream. Eventually, no more copies of these books were produced. They were passed down by those who loved them first but not appreciated by those who had the chance to love them next. And now, today, they are lost books. Loved once by people we will never know. Created by a person who might have been a kindred spirit had we had the opportunity today to understand a part of them.

How many stories have been lost? How many books could I have loved from the times I wished I lived in had they not been forgotten? What characters were out there that no one will ever have the chance to know again because the people who loved them once upon a time took them to the grave alongside themselves? So many lost books. 

What kindred spirits might I find should lost books be found?

How many quotes might I discover myself in should lost books be found? 

What could we all learn from the past should lost books be found? 

They raise so many questions inside me, these unknown titles. I wonder what books I love might one day be lost books. Will my favorite authors be forgotten? I hope not. Will a book of mine end up in an abyss of written word? Who knows?

These lost books. Misplaced somewhere in the recesses of history’s archives. Somewhere we can’t find, a place I imagine somewhat like Neverland, is where they reside. Returned to earth to become something new. To be a part of this world in a different way. How many stories have we discarded? How many lost books are out there? Pages long since vanished in more ways than one. Do you ever think of the lost books?

Will you now?

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