Reading Plan

I have just made a decision. I vaguely had it in my mind what I was going to do reading-wise with the year and six months I have left at home. This year, I was going to read a bunch of famous classics like Wuthering Heights. Next summer, I was going to revisit some of […]

This Is Yolanda Lee

I would like to introduce you to a character of mine. You will be seeing her around here a bit, so I thought she required an introduction. Yolanda Lee, twenty-four-year-old, 5.4, female librarian, who one might say looks a bit like a young Keri Russell. She is a frazzled sort of person who’s dirty blonde […]

This Is Me

Hello. My name is Laura Hammer, and this is my very first blog post. I think it is fitting for it to be an introduction to me. Well, who am I? I am a seventeen-year-old writer, reader, fangirl, Fall lover, essential oil user, movie, music, Goldfish, and sweets lover. There is much more to me […]