They say I was in a car crash. They say I was in a coma for a month. They say I should have died. I remember staring at the doctors in their pristine white coats, clearing their throats and watching each other as if waiting for someone to speak, and then––“You have amnesia.” I can’t […]

Anywhere Far From Here

Raven hair and eyes to match. Wild tresses falling past muscular shoulders down to a trim waist clothed in green silk. Round mouth and strong jaw set firmly in a frown. Sun darkened olive skin peering through the knee-high slit in the dress and bare feet rested on the cold marble floor. An ornate cushioned […]

The Lost Books

Do you ever think of the lost books? Of the pages long since vanished in more ways than one? Of the stories you will never have the privilege to read because they have been lost?   What is a lost book, you may ask? It is the story of an author whose name bears no weight […]


They stared at the flowers like they were a curse.Anna caressed a silky-soft petal with her hand before turning a dagger-sharp glare on her parents. “Why?!”Her mother’s mouth opened, then closed, and she looked away. Her father continued staring at the flowers with a sort of revulsion she’d never seen on his face.“Why would you […]


This upcoming year is extremely important to me. You guys may not know the reasons for that, so allow me to catch you up. I am a middle child. The only girl in-between two brothers. In August of 2018, we moved my older brother into a dorm room. I’ve been counting down the days until […]

Missing Coins

Twenty-five year old Mary Steele paced her living room floor in front of her best friend, Lilly. “First, it was the quarters that I laid on the desk. Then, the change that I left on the counter a week ago went missing.” She had been gesticulating wildly but now faced her friend and stood still. […]

Through The Puddle

I’m still trying to figure out what happened. Even after all these years, I can’t figure it out. All I know is that when I fell through that puddle on the sidewalk…Everything changed. I’m not sure how. The world around me didn’t look different. I went home to friends and family, and they didn’t seem […]